Are you anxious to spend some time with friends and get away from home, work and life for a couple of hours a week and uncork some fun social time and wine? Women Bowling With Wine is for you!……6 weeks of enjoying a great night out at a price that’s a terrific deal!


Women Bowling With Wine is not your grandma's bowling league. lt's truly an entertainment experience. Who knew sipping your favorite wine with friends while burning some calories participating in a pin pulverizing game where no bowling skills are required could be so much fun? Each week a group of 2 players enjoys a bottle of wine while bowling our "Follow the Leader" style of bowling. This is an all-inclusive entertainment offer where the bowling center provides wine and all the bowling equipment necessary each of the 6 weekly sessions.

Two hours of bowling fun, all bowling equipment, great wine and conversation….we are confident that you will have a terrific time and enjoy the very reasonable fee!


If you would like more information on how to organize your own private group, how to join as an individual player, or have questions click the “Get Started” button and....
  1. Find a bowling center near you
  2. Fill out the form and a Women Bowling With Wine
Center Representative will get right back to you!


If you have any questions please call the participating bowling center and ask for the Women Bowling With Wine Coordinator.

If there is not a participating center near you, please let Marsha know at and we will let you know when a nearby center joins the program.